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Friday Music to the Rescue!

Back with another installment of FRIDAY MUSIC.  And boy howdy, do I have some doozies for you.  Lots of last minute additions knocked out some of my early entrants.  Sorry Honom, M.A.Z.7, Glasnost, Odahl, and Pac Div – maybe next time!  ON TO THE WINNERS:

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The vocals on this track just rocked me; reminded me of how Bobby Womack shredded the vocals on the Gorillaz “Stylo.”

CLASSIXX “Into the Valley (feat. Karl Dixon)”



I’ve never heard of Kauf, but I found myself just repeating this track whenever iTunes would try and move forward on my playlist.  Something about it just tugs me in. After checking multiple web-reviews, nobody seems to know much, other than (a) this is one of the artist’s first songs, and (b) everybody loves it.  Listen, follow him on Twitter, and wait for more! (via dailybeatz

KAUF “Relocate”


RICH BLACK (and Skrillex… and La Roux…)

So this is a dirty track.  Yes, there’s swearing, but its also gone through several (awesome) layers of remixing… First, its a Skrillex remix of La Roux “In For The Kill”; Skrillex, if you are not aware is known for taking songs and turning them into gritty, grinding, dubstep echos of their former selves. Second, Rich Black has taken the Skrillex remix, and spliced in his own aggressive vocals.  And third (if all that other stuff isn’t enough), he references Galactus, the Marvel Comics destroyer/consumer of planets.  All nerdiness aside, this track represents some very cool production, and I’m curious to see what he comes out with next.

RICH BLACK remix of Skrillex’s remix of La Roux’s “In for the Kill” (via Earmilk)



Its interesting to listen to music that seriously transports you to a previous time in your life.  Banco de Gaia did that for me this week.  BdG, a UK producer (that has included several other people over the past several decades) is one of the pioneers of world music, specifically creating music that is a hybrid of traditional Tibetan instruments and (very) well produced ambient electronic music.  BdG was totally one of my gateway drugs into electronic music, and hearing it this week reminds me of why.  This track is from the latest BdG some-old-some-new album, released on Feb 11.  I recommend listening to BdG’s albums in their entirety, preferably when you have very little else to do, other than ponder your own existence. BdG might not be for everyone, but hey this is my blog, so deal with it 🙂

BANCO DE GAIA “Not In My Name”



I’m a little embarrassed to post this track, but something about it keeps pulling me back.  This track features an R&B/Hip Hop artist that just sounds authentic his vocal delivery, which makes the track a winner in my book. Like so many of the songs this week, I couldn’t pull myself away.

THE WEEKEND “Wicked Games”



In standard Biking with Headphones form, here is a progressive/electro/lightcycle track.  Dorian D was featured on Tracasseur a few days ago, and his sound is something like Kavinsky, Shook, (you’ll hear the Kavinksyness for sure).  If you go to Soundcloud, he classifies his music as “Electropera”; Awesome.  I just really like the track, and can’t wait to bust it out on my next run and/or zombie slaughter.  (via Tracasseur

DORIAN D “Dance With The Dead”



Here’s an upbeat mixtape to get your weekend started. This German/French duo takes their moniker from the Big Lebowski, which is somewhat odd, since I can’t imagine Walter Sobcek dancing to this music.  However, Walter Sobcek the BL character is awesome (partially cuz he reminds me of a slightly psychotic version of my dad), and Walter Sobcek the band is also awesome.  Listen to this upbeat dream/synth/pop mixtape and then go bowling 🙂

WALTER SOBCEK “February 11 mixtape”


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